Scotus and Ockham: Selected Essays

Scotus and Ockham: Selected Essays

Edited by Allan B. Wolter, OFM
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Produced over a career of six decades, Allan Wolter’s monumental editions, translations, commentaries
and studies constitute by far the largest and most influential body of scholarship by any modern author
of John Duns Scotus. The present collections brings together twelve of Wolter’s seminal articles, most of which have never been reprinted, as well as two new studies written for this volume. They range over
the length of Wolter’s career and represent the breadth of his interests: Scotus’s literary
production and academic career, his metaphysics, ethics, and theologoy, and his relation to Ockham and other Franciscan theologians.

ISBN 1-57659-188-3
EAN 978-1-57659-188-8
350 pages


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