Peter of John Olivi, Set

Peter of John Olivi, Set

Peter of John Olivi (1248 - March 14, 1298) was a Franciscan theologian who, although he died professing the faith of the Catholic Church, became a controversial figure in the arguments surrounding poverty at the beginning of the fourteenth century. In large part, this was due to his view that the Franciscan vow of poverty also entailed usus pauper (i.e., ‘poor’ or ‘restricted’ use of goods); while contemporary Franciscans generally agreed that usus pauper was important to the Franciscan way of life, they disagreed that it was part of their
vow of poverty. His support of the extreme view of ecclesiastical poverty played a part in the ideology of the groups coming to be known as the Spiritual Franciscans or Fraticelli.

The Franciscan Institute has published critical editions of his commentaries on Acts, Genesis, and Isaiah: Peter of John Olivi on The Acts of the Apostles, 2001, and Peter of John Olivi on Genesis, 2007. Peter of John Olivi on the Bible, 1997, contains, besides his commentary on Isaiah, five principia on Scripture. A principium explained how the commentator of a text was going to go about his task. On the Bible contains as well the beginning of his commentary on I Corinthians, cut short by his death. His final words: “ human being in his biological condition, especially with his padded and passing (evanescens et inflatus) science, is able to ascend in any way at all to the superintellectual and ecstatic contemplation of what God has prepared for those who love him, save focused on and lead by and absorbed into the Spirit of Christ.”

This set includes:

Peter of John Olivi on the Acts of the
Edited by David Flood, OFM

Peter of John Olivi on the Bible
Edited by David Flood, OFM and
(†) Gedeon Gal, OFM

Peter of John Olivi on Genesis
Edited by David Flood, OFM

Peter of John Olivi - Commentary on the Gospel of Mark
Translation, Introduction and Commentary by Robert Karris, OFM

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