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Angelo Clareno: A Chronicle or History of the Seven Tribulations of the Order of Brothers Minor

edited and translated by David Burr and E. Randolph Daniel
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For the first time, a complete English version of the Historia de Septem Tribulationum Ordinis Minorum by Angelo of Clareno. Introduction and translation by David Burr and E. Randolph Daniel. Based upon two recent Latin texts by Giovanni Boccali and Orietta Rossini. This very significant contribution to Franciscan studies cannot be ignored!

ISBN 1-57659-198-0
EAN 978-1-57659-198-7
242 pages


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Anthony of Padua, Sermones for the Easter Cycle

edited by George Marcil, OFM

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English translation of Anthony’s Easter sermons, this book offers a factual biography of Anthony and valuable information on the nature of preaching in the thirteenth century.

ISBN 1-57659-041-0
EAN 978-1-57659-041-6
230 pages

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Art of Sky, Art of Earth: Cosmic Imagery in St. Bonaventure University's Maya Collection

by Stephen L. Whittington with photographs by Justin Kerr
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This volume was published in conjunction with the exhibition "Art of Sky, Art of Earth: Maya Cosmic Imagery" held at the Museum of Anthropology, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, Sept 2009 - May 2012. The basis for the exhibition and this book lies in the donation of Maya objects to St. Bonaventure University by alumni Jack and Jerome Fishkin and their friend, Jane Abrams. The text of the book is in both English and Spanish.

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Bearing Christ to the People: the Franciscan Sisters, Their Origins, History and Persisting Values

by Pierre Péano, OFM

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While much has been written on the origins, history, and development of the Franciscan Movement, less research has been done to trace the origins and growth of congregations of religious women who desired to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi.
Fr. Pierre Peano, OFM, was one of the first to demonstrate how the charism of Francis perdured in the history and lives of Franciscan Religious women. His book will become part of the historical legacy of the Franciscan Order. Religious women who have participated in the renewal of their own communities will find Peano's research a direct link with the Franciscan women who went before them.

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Beyond the Text: Franciscan Art and Construction of Religion

edited by Xavier Seubert, OFM and Oleg Bychkov, PHD
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Release Date: March 2013

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A pioneering study of the art of the Franciscan order that shows how
Franciscan theological, liturgical, pastoral and missionary strategies were
formulated and implemented visually, not by words but by images, by using
contextualization and introducing gender and culture specific visual
traits. The essays in this volume probe the art and visual culture of the
early Franciscan movement to reveal insights and nuances of the life and
power of this revolutionary phase of theCatholic religion. The essays by
the scholars in this book explore the historical, social, theological and
philosophical persprectives of Franciscan art.

EAN 978-1-57659-340-0
240 Pages
100 + illustrations
Hard Cover

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Birth of a Movement, The

by David Flood, OFM and Thadee Matura, OFM

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The Birth of a Movement presents an initiation to the study of an important writing of Francis; the rule called the “first” or "without bull” (non bu“llata). It proposes to make this writing of St. Francis more accessible, not only to the Franciscan family, but to a wider public.

1975: 151 p.
Hc 978-0-8199-0567-3

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Bonaventure: Mystic of God’s Word

Edited by Timothy J. Johnson

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A collection and translation of selected spiritual texts of Bonaventure, this book is a great introductory tool for understanding the essence of Bonaventure's theology, rooted as it is in the mystery of the Word of God.

ISBN: 1-57659-211-1
EAN 978-1-57659-211-3
176 pages

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Breviloquium - Works of St. Bonaventure, Volume IX

Bonaventure Texts in Translation Series
by Dominic V. Monti, OFM

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This is Bonaventure’s comprehensive presentation of Christian doctrine in a form suitable for instructional purposes. It can be used by anyone with an interest in the writings of the Seraphic Doctor.

ISBN 1-57659-199-9
EAN 978-1-57659-199-4
329 pages

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Build with Living Stones

based upon the Comprehensive Course on the Franciscan Missionary Charism

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Based upon the internationally-recognized Comprehensive Course on the Franciscan Missionary Charism, the resource offers guidance for Franciscan reflection around the themes of life and work. Divided into 14 units, this program offers insight into contemporary issues such as the economy, the environment, peace-making, and what it means to live well in a pluralistic world. Using an adult-education model, each unit offers readings and suggested reflections usable in either group or individual settings or for college/university curricula, parish education, retreats or days of recollection, and/or orientation to Franciscan life and work.

ISBN 1-57659-134-4
EAN 978-1-57659-134-5



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Care of Souls and the Rhetoric of Moral Theology in Bonaventure and Thomas, The

Spirit and Life Series
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The Care of Souls and the Rhetoric of Moral Theology in Bonaventure and Thomas
edited by Mark Jordan

The fourth annual series of Bonaventure Lectures (1990) given at St. Bonaventure University addresses the unique teaching technique of St. Bonaventure from the perspective of modern hermeneutics.

ISBN 1-57659-034-8
EAN 978-1-57659-034-8
80 pages


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