The Friars Minor in China (1925 - 1955)

The Friars Minor in China (1925 - 1955)

edited by Arnulf Camps, OFM, and Pat McCloskey, OFM

Genghis Kahn and Francis of Assisi were contemporaries, but lived worlds apart. By the mid-1200s, their followers had encountered each one another in Karakorum (Mongolia). In 1294, John of Monte Corvino settled in Khanbaliq (Beijing) and began preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ in modern-day China. By the time of his death in 1328, friars from several countries had begun to build up a Church truly Chinese and truly Catholic. This book presents the life and work of the Friars Minor in China during the last 700 years. Based on 1,110 pages of scientific monographs, the text concentrates on the years 1925-1955 yet provides considerable information up through 1995. The Order of Friars Minor grew from John of Monte Corvino's early efforts beginning in 1294 to include 28 mission territories. In 1948 there were over 700 friars working in China, about 20% of whom were Chinese.

ISBN 1-57659-002-X
EAN 978-1-57659-002-7


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