Daily Labor of the Early Franciscans, The

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Francis of Assisi and the Early Franciscan Movement

Studies in Early Franciscan Sources, Three Volume Set

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Three Volume SET

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Studies in Early Franciscan Sources
These three books contain valuable insight into the Early Documents of Francis and Clare. The authors, scholars interested in and committed to the Franciscan tradition, have brought contemporary research together, applied it to each of the specific texts and offered their own perspectives.

First, the essays define the status questionis by informing the reader about the state of current research on each of the texts considered.

Second, the essays are intended to introduce the reader to these texts within the dimensions of their multi-layered contextual-historical framework. The hope of those involved in producing these studies is to help others learn how to read, interpret and apply these newly translated texts to enrich the historical understanding, theological vision and practical living out of the Gospel message.

The Writings of Francis of Assisi: Letters and Prayers
Letters and Prayers features the scholarly work of Luigi Pellegrini, Jean- François Godet-Calogeras, Michael W. Blastic, Michael F. Cusato, Jay M. Hammond PhD, and Laurent Gallant.
2011: 336 p. Pb 978-1-57659-230-4 $29.95

The Writings of Francis of Assisi: Rules, Testament and Admonitions
Rules, Testament and Admonitions contains essays by William J. Short, Michael W. Blastic, Jay M. Hammond, PhD and JA Wayne Hellmann.
2011: 336 p. Pb 978-1-57659-232-8 $29.95

The Writings of Clare of Assisi: Letters, Form of Life, Testament and Blessing
The Writings of Clare of Assisi presents the latest scholarship by Ingrid Peterson, Lezlie Knox, Michael W.
Blastic and Jean-François Godet-Calogeras.
2011: 144 p. Pb 978-1-57659-233-5 $19.95


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A Study of the Rule of 1223: History, Exegesis and Reflection

by Michael Blastic, OFM

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Having opened up the meaning of the Rule for his readers, Blastic also invites the followers of Francis to consider how the Rule might serve as the horizon against which they might determine anew how to live according to the spirit of the Rule in a radically different cultural, social and ecclesial context. This study is made available by the Holy Name Province’s Ongoing Formation Committee.

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Admonitions of St. Francis: Sources and Meanings, The

By Robert J. Karris, OFM
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This text offers a fresh translation of each admonition, parallel texts previously noted by other scholars or newly uncovered by Karris, as well as comments on each admonition verse by verse. The reader is led into Francis’s “theological workshop” where it becomes clear how Francis imprinted his own logo on the spiritual traditions he inherited.

ISBN 1-57659-166-2
EAN 978-1-57659-166-6
215 pages


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Birth of a Movement, The

by David Flood, OFM and Thadee Matura, OFM

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The Birth of a Movement presents an initiation to the study of an important writing of Francis; the rule called the “first” or "without bull” (non bu“llata). It proposes to make this writing of St. Francis more accessible, not only to the Franciscan family, but to a wider public.

1975: 151 p.
Hc 978-0-8199-0567-3

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Daily Labor of the Early Franciscans, The

by David Flood, OFM
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In his early studies Flood focused on the history of the brotherhood with special emphasis on the development of the Early Rule. Eventually, the social structures of early Franciscan life led to the economics of the early Franciscan movement and the importance of work in the life of Francis and his companions. Told from the vantage point of a historian, Flood leads the reader through his analysis of the early movement.

ISBN 1-57659-156-5
EAN 978-1-57659-156-7
160 Pages

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Early Commentaries on the Rule of the Friars Minor - Volume 1

Edited by David Flood, OFM

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The study of rule commentaries is a crucial part of understanding the rationale behind the friars’ way of life. By publishing a series of translations of the most significant early rule commentaries, the Franciscan Institute seeks to encourage the study of these documents and render the commentaries accessible to a wider audience.

Volume I contains The 1242 Commentary (also known as The Four Masters or The Paris Masters), The Commentary of Hugh of Digne, The Commentary of David of Augsburg and The Commentary of John of Wales.

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Early Franciscan Movement (1205 - 1239): History, Sources and Hermeneutics, The

by Michael Cusato, OFM

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This volume gathers together and updates previously published essays on topics related to the contested story of early Franciscan history (1205-1239), treating subjects such as the Franciscan approach to power and authority, the attitude of Francis towards Islam and the Crusades, the Privilege of Poverty, and the connection between the two versions of the Epistola ad fideles. By special arrangement with the Italian publisher, Centro Italiano di studi sull’Alto Medioevo (Spoleto).

ISBN 1-57659-223-5
EAN 978-1-57659-223-6
460 pages


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First Encounter with Francis of Assisi

by Damien Vorreux, translated by Paul Schwartz and Paul Lachance
New Edition by Jean-Francois Godet-Calogeras
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First Encounter with Francis of Assisi: Damien Vorreux, who died in 1988, was a French scholar who began to publish French translations of the early Franciscan documents in the early 1950s. His deep knowledge of those documents and his understanding of Francis were the inspiration for this classic presentation of Francis of Assisi. Published in French in 1973 and first offered in English by Franciscan Press in 1979, Jean-François Godet-Calogeras – who worked with Vorreux – combines the latest scholarship and the most current English translation of the Early Documents with his own translation of the writings of Francis in offering this new edition of First Encounter with Francis of Assisi. This short text is an excellent introduction to Francis and the world in which he lived.

“Although this little book is about 40 years old, it continues to deliver what its title promises: a first encounter with Francis of Assisi for those who do not know much about him, but after having seen or heard him mentioned somewhere – most of the time related to legendary stories – are intrigued by that man of a small Italian city who lived eight hundred years ago. “First Encounter with Francis of Assisi” does not have the pretention to be a biography, but is definitely a concise and solid introduction to Francis, describing the world of his time, the milestones of his journey of life, and the essential elements of his spirituality.

In addition to providing a basic outline of his life, the author explores major aspects of his continuing influence in our time. While many historic interpretations of events in his life have been uncovered since this was first published, the Franciscan Institute wants to keep this study available as a tool that can help many—particularly collaborators in Franciscan works and institutions—know this amazing Christian better.”

-Sr. Margaret Carney, President, St. Bonaventure University

ISBN 1-57659-337-1
EAN 978-1-57659-337-0

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Francis and Islam

by J. Hoebrichts

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In the first part of this study, Dr. Hoeberichts goes back to Francis’s “Earlier Rule", the Regula non bullata of 1221. Firmly rooted in historical scholarship, Hoeberichts’ book recreates the milieu of Francis and his first brothers and brings new insights to contemporary issues of interreligious dialogue.

1997: 316 p.
Pb 978-0-8199-0980-0

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Francis of Assisi and His Conversions

by Pierre Brunette, OFM, translated by Paul Lachance, OFM and Kathryn Krug
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This examination of the youth of Francis, covering 1202-2110, looks at seven critical periods in his life that produced conversions and led him to discover the Gospel as a way of life.

1997: 120 p.
Pb 978-0-8199-0978-7


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