First Encounter with Francis of Assisi

First Encounter with Francis of Assisi

by Damien Vorreux, translated by Paul Schwartz and Paul Lachance
New Edition by Jean-Francois Godet-Calogeras
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First Encounter with Francis of Assisi: Damien Vorreux, who died in 1988, was a French scholar who began to publish French translations of the early Franciscan documents in the early 1950s. His deep knowledge of those documents and his understanding of Francis were the inspiration for this classic presentation of Francis of Assisi. Published in French in 1973 and first offered in English by Franciscan Press in 1979, Jean-François Godet-Calogeras – who worked with Vorreux – combines the latest scholarship and the most current English translation of the Early Documents with his own translation of the writings of Francis in offering this new edition of First Encounter with Francis of Assisi. This short text is an excellent introduction to Francis and the world in which he lived.

“Although this little book is about 40 years old, it continues to deliver what its title promises: a first encounter with Francis of Assisi for those who do not know much about him, but after having seen or heard him mentioned somewhere – most of the time related to legendary stories – are intrigued by that man of a small Italian city who lived eight hundred years ago. “First Encounter with Francis of Assisi” does not have the pretention to be a biography, but is definitely a concise and solid introduction to Francis, describing the world of his time, the milestones of his journey of life, and the essential elements of his spirituality.

In addition to providing a basic outline of his life, the author explores major aspects of his continuing influence in our time. While many historic interpretations of events in his life have been uncovered since this was first published, the Franciscan Institute wants to keep this study available as a tool that can help many—particularly collaborators in Franciscan works and institutions—know this amazing Christian better.”

-Sr. Margaret Carney, President, St. Bonaventure University

ISBN 1-57659-337-1
EAN 978-1-57659-337-0

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