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Bonaventure’s Commentary on the Sentences: Philosophy of God

Works of St. Bonaventure Series, Volume XVI

by RE Houser and Timothy B. Noone

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Without exception, every word of philosophy Bonaventure ever wrote is contained in works explicitly religious – in sermons, works of spiritual direction, and theology. For this reason, we begin by looking at Bonaventure s conception of theology and the place of philosophical reasoning within it. In his attempt to present a theology that is a science which leads us to wisdom, Bonaventure uses language that might at first glance seem to be merely metaphorical. However, Bonaventure s care in using precise and philosophical language to understand God is a tribute to the optimism the greatest Masters of Theology at mid-thirteenth century Paris had in the rational possibilities of the human mind.
This volume has not been designed to cover all the profound points Br. Bonaventure made in treating God philosophically in his Commentary. Instead, it highlights a few critical issues, giving the reader a preliminary view of the whole, before plunging into the vast and refreshing pool that is Bonaventure s philosophy of God.

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Bonaventure: Mystic of God’s Word

Edited by Timothy J. Johnson

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A collection and translation of selected spiritual texts of Bonaventure, this book is a great introductory tool for understanding the essence of Bonaventure’s theology, rooted as it is in the mystery of the Word of God.

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Build With Living Stones

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Build with Living Stones: Formation of Franciscan Life and Work is based upon the internationally recognized Comprehensive Source on the Franciscan Charism. This updated edition is a valuable resource that gives users a Franciscan view of life and work.

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Colette of Corbie (1381-1447): Learning and Holiness

3by Elisabeth Lopez, translated by Joanna Walter

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Released for the first time in English.
Lopez’s book, originally published in French in 1994, is a serious study of Colette and her reform movement of the Poor Clare Sisters. “Lopez’s book is necessary reading for anyone who wants to understand the many faceted aspects of the history of the Poor Clares,” says Pacelli Millane, O.S.C. Clarisses de Valleyfield. Colette of Corbie is one of the few texts written depicting the historical context and spiritual depth of the reform which offered women of the Second Order the opportunity to return to the observance of the Rule of St. Clare. “It is really wonderful that Elisabeth Lopez’s book has now been translated into English, especially because it fills a gap in the history of Franciscan women during the Late Medieval period and specifically of the Poor Clares, whose diversity, spiritual creativity and influence have been emphasized by recent European scholarship,” states André Vauchez.

ISBN: 978-1-57659-219-9

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Dying, As A Franciscan

Spirit and Life Series – Volume 15

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Many of us withing the Franciscan Family of the 21st century – friars, sisters, seculars and all those associated in any way with the Poverello of Assisi – find ourselves surrounded by those within our own communities and families who are in need of similar accompaniment and companionship as they walk the road toward the fullness of life.
And each one of us, one day, will walk the same path ourselves.

ISBN # 978-1-57659-221-2

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Francis of Assisi: Heritage and Heirs Eight Centuries Later

by Thaddée Matura, O.F.M. Translated by Paul Lachance, O.F.M.

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In this thought-provoking book Thaddée Matura offers a new way of looking at how the Franciscan tradition was adapted and contemporized during the centuries. In a clear and accessible style he shows how the Franciscan Family has gotten to the stage it now enjoys and shows how liberating history can be and is. In 2004 Franciscan Institute Publications reprinted Matura’s Francis of Assisi: The Message in His Writings.

ISBN#: 978-1-57659-214-4

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Franciscan Connections

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The Cord, a quarterly review which deals with topics having to do with the Franciscan spiritual tradition, celebrates fifty years of continuous publication in 2000. It offers articles of historical interest, as well as articles dealing with contemporary applications. Its primary purpose is to promote a deeper knowledge and more ardent love of the Franciscan way of life. It solicits articles which help readers appreciate better the Franciscan charism, its relevance in the contemporary Church, as well as some of the ways Franciscans are making a difference in today’s world. It restricts its material to Franciscan spirituality and to such matters as are of particular concern and interest to the English-speaking Franciscan family throughout the world.
The Cord periodically reviews books of interest to Franciscans. It also provides a feature called “On the Franciscan Circuit” to share information about Franciscan programs taking place throughout the country and English-speaking world. It publishes short poems and art work that deal with Franciscan themes.
Subscription period: January-December of the current year. Subscriptions entered late in the year are applied to the following year. Back issues for the current year are provided for subscriptions entered early in the subscription period.

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Franciscan Studies

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Franciscan Studies is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal published by the Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure University. It deals with Franciscan matters: history, philosophy, theology, and art. Its 2010 issue (Volume 68) is now available. It contains contributions of international scholars on a variety of topics: Jordan of Saxon, the Secular Mendicant controversy in Paris in the 13th century, Bonaventure, Roger Bacon, Jon Duns Scotus, Walter Burley, Marcus of Orvieto, John of Capistano, and Johann Meder.

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Franciscans and their Finances: Economics in a Disenchanted World

by Fr. David Couturier, OFM Cap.

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A book about Franciscans and their economics and the way that Franciscans are developing a more relational economy as they serve the poor and vulnerable around the world.

Francis fraternal economy is not primarily about dollars and cents, market shares or stock derivatives. It is about the destiny of men and women in the real world and how they come about a new security and peace in God. By the time his captivity as a prisoner of war had come to an end, Francis had given up on the violence and greed that fed the frenzy of Assisi. He found his peace in mercy in the mercy that God had for him and in the mercy that he could show to those who were poor and suffering. Francis gave away everything he had and felt the first taste of freedom in his whole life. He had given up the need to climb and be right. He had let go of the desire to imitate majesty and control the world. He would never again have to go to war, because there was nothing that anyone else had that he wanted. There was nothing he had that he would not forfeit. He had Christ and Christ had him and that was enough for Francis to feel the peace that passes all understanding.

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Mirroring One Another, Reflecting the Divine: The Franciscan-Muslim Journey Into God

Spirit and Life Volume 13

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Presentations from the 8th Franciscan Forum (2008), held in Colorado Springs, with contributions from Jan Hoeberichts, Michael Calabria, OFM, F. Betul Cavdar, Paul Lachance, OFM, and Robert Lentz, OFM. This is a companion volume to Daring to Embrace the Other.

ISBN#: 978-1-57659-151-2

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