Defense of the Mendicants -Works of St. Bonaventure, Volume XV

Defense of the Mendicants -Works of St. Bonaventure, Volume XV

Bonaventure Texts in Translation Series
translated by Jose de Vinck and Robert J. Karris, OFM
Introduction and Notes by Robert J. Karris, OFM
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translated by Jose de Vink and Robert J. Karris, OFM (2010)

In twelve chapters St. Bonaventure defends the Franciscan way of life against the attacks of Parisian Master, Gerard of Abbeville. Bonaventure clarifies the meaning of evangelical perfection, gospel proverb, and the imitation of Christ. He distinguishes different kinds of perfection and clearly indicates how the Old Testament relates to the dispensation of grace in the New Testament and how it is to be interpreted. This volume is a companion to Bonaventure’s Disputed Questions on Evangelical Perfection (Works of St. Bonaventure XIII).

ISBN 1-57659-159-X
EAN 978-1-57659-159-8
423 Pages

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