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Harmony of Goodness, The — Mutuality and Moral Living According to John Duns Scotus

By Mary Beth Ingham
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Release Date: July 2012
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Since the first publication of John Duns Scotus: The Harmony of Goodness
in 1996, much work has appeared in print on Scotus’s theological and
philosophical vision including the gradual completion of the Vatican
edition of Scotus’s Ordinatio. Various congresses and international
gatherings continue to highlight the important significance of this
great medieval thinker for the new millennium. Drawing upon the
work of several significant scholars combined with her own deepened
conviction that understanding Scotus’s moral philosophy and theology
must be understood within the broader context of Franciscan spirituality
including the role of Stoic and monastic influences on the medieval
Franciscans, Mary Beth Ingham, C.S.J., offers this new edition of John
Duns Scotus: The Harmony of Goodness. Scotus’s articulation of a moral
vision to lived harmony and to moral living as a path of beauty is offered
anew by Ingham in this new edition.

Mary Beth Ingham's The Harmony of Goodness offers a finely tuned study of John Dun Scotus, marked by clarity and conviction. No one is more adept and accomplished than Ingham when it comes to exploring, articulating, and retrieving the intricate thought of the Subtle Doctor for contemporary readers. In The Harmony of Goodness, she provides a compelling ethical worldview that is grounded in the Franciscan belief in the goodness of both the Creator and Creation, and the invitation to live accordingly. -- Dr. Timothy Johnson, Professor and Department Chair, Humanities, Flagler College

In the time since The Harmony of Goodness was first published in the mid-nineties, Mary Beth Ingham has become one of the leading scholars on Scotus and his understanding of moral living. In this revision of her earlier work, she has used her considerable knowledge to provide even more of a context out of which to understand the writings of the Subtle Doctor and to offer an even clearer presentation of the thought of this important Franciscan thinker. -- Thomas Nairn, OFM, Ph.D., Senior Director, Ethics, Catholic Health Association

A very readable introduction to Scotus's moral philosophy, The Harmony of Goodness is also a welcome shift to an aesthetic paradigm in presenting Scotus's ethics. The book showcases the importance of the aesthetic dimension of Scotus's thought that has been neglected by medievalists. Ingham's aesthetic turn is an example of kinship between pre-modern and postmodern hermeneutic principles. Yet while the groundless interplay of postmodern aesthetics washes away the foundations of the present-day world, pre-modern Scotistic aesthetics, on the contrary, promises to return it to its solid philosophical ground. -- Oleg Bychkov, Associate Professor of Philosophy, St Bonaventure University

ISBN 1-57659-352-5
EAN 978-1-57659-336-3
180 Pages

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30 Days with Bonaventure’s Commentary on the Gospel of Luke

Edited by Robert J. Karris
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Release Date: August 2012
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Bonaventure has many insights to share not only with members of the Franciscan Family, but also with the church at large. From his work on translating and annotating St. Bonaventure’s three-volume Commentary on Luke’s Gospel, noted Scripture scholar Robert Karris has developed this book of reflections for thirty days. Playfully referring to them as “BonaLuke bites,” Karris gives preferential treatment to those passages used in the Sunday lectionary
during Cycle C.

A user-friendly format begins with the passages from Luke’s Gospel followed
by Bonaventure’s commentary on one or two verses under consideration.
Karris’s reflection follows that of Bonaventure and concludes with a prayer.
Some readers may reverse the process as they are meant as springboards for
the readers’ own reflections and prayer.

Today Lukan scholars acknowledge many “Franciscan” themes in Luke’s Gospel. Members of the Franciscan Family will enjoy reacquainting themselves with the charism through the lens of Luke’s Gospel. Perhaps preachers will find that old interpretations are new again and can sparkle because Bonaventure has singled out the very best from tradition to challenge our normal way of interpreting passages familiar through years of liturgical use.

"All those who pray with scripture or who offer Sunday homilies on the readings from Luke's gospel will welcome the latest offering from Robert Karris, OFM. The fruit of many scholarly years with this gospel and Bonaventure's commentary on it, his book ties together "the best of both worlds." The structure of the offerings should prove insightful for those engaged in lectio divina, especially Franciscans, as they attempt to hear the gospel's message for their own lives. I look forward to chewing on BonaLuke Bites."

- Marion C. Moeser, OSF, Associate Professor, Christ the King Seminary

"Fr. Robert Karris offers the reader a triple treat in his Thirty Days with St. Bonaventure’s Commentary on Luke. First, we get his wonderful translation of Bonaventure’s commentary in which Bonaventure’s inspired interpretations are presented with deft skill and amazingly contemporary insights. Second, he offers his own penetrating perspective on both Bonaventure and Luke. And third, he leads the reader from reflection to prayer at the conclusion of each passage.

I have long been a fan of Fr. Karris’s Lukan studies because he is able to make Luke come powerfully alive, not only in my mind but in my heart also. But this book not only enlivens the gospel of Luke, it offers Bonaventure as the guide to new Lukan insights. If anyone needs their interest in the gospel of Luke refreshed or their views of a great medieval mind shaken clean of dust, this book will do it … and in surprising and deeply fulfilling ways."

- Fr. William L. Burton, O.F.M., S.S.L., S.T.D., Assistant Professor, St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary

"In this delightful book, Karris skillfully selects bite-sized bits of his massive work on St. Bonaventure s Commentary on St. Luke, then, with his own reflections, situates the morsels within the larger meal of the Gospel and the work of the Seraphic Doctor. The concluding prayer serves as dessert, leaving the reader both satisfied and wanting more. Not only Franciscans will find rich fare within."

- Barbara E. Reid, O.P., Catholic Theological Union, Chicago

ISBN 1-57659-354-1
EAN 978-1-57659-345-5
100 Pages

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A Legacy Defined - 2011-2012 St. Bonaventure Basketball

Edited and Designed by Tom Missel
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The pieces were all in place for a great 2011-2012 basketball season at St. Bonaventure University. The men added a talented collection of guards to complement an experienced frontcourt led by one of the best players in the country. The women returned the top six scorers from their third straight 20-win season and settled on just one goal before the season began: reaching the NCAA Tournament.

But few could have dreamed that one of the smallest colleges in Division I would send both teams to their respective NCAA Tournaments. When they did, the campus and local communities made sure the teams would never forget what they had accomplished, lining the streets of Allegany and Olean as police cars and fire trucks escorted the team buses to airports for their trips to Nashville, Tallahassee and Raleigh. When the teams arrived at their NCAA sites, local fans, alumni and students turned out in droves to support them.

"A Legacy Defined" is 128 pages and chronicles the madness of March in New York's Southern Tier with stories about the seasons and tournaments, and more than 100 memorable photos, from the games and behind the scenes.

Proceeds from the book will benefit the Bonaventure Athletic Fund.

The book includes reprinted articles on each team’s run to glory, plus new material on how their seasons unfolded and the highs and lows along the way. Among the highlights are more than a hundred photos of their seasons, including some behind-the-scenes glimpses during their tournament trips.

Primary photography in the book is by Olean’s Craig Melvin, team photographer for the Buffalo Bills.

Contributing writers include Mike Vaccaro, Adrian Wojnarowski, Tom Missel, Chuck Pollock, Dallas Miller, Jason MacBain, Dan McCarthy and Shannon Shepherd.

The St. Bonaventure men (20-12) qualified for the NCAA Tournament by winning three games in three days at the Atlantic 10 Tournament in Atlantic City, eventually losing to third-seeded Florida State, 66-63, in their NCAA opener in a game that went down to the final seconds.

The St. Bonaventure women (31-4) won 18 games in a row before losing to Dayton in the Atlantic 10 title game, but earned a No. 5 seed with an at-large bid and advanced to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament with wins over Florida Gulf Coast and Marist in Tallahassee before losing to national runner-up Notre Dame in the next round.

Re-live the excitement of both teams with this limited edition, commemorative book.

ISBN - 1576593606
EAN - 9781576593608
128 pages
100 four-color photos

Price: $19.95
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Beyond the Text: Franciscan Art and Construction of Religion

edited by Xavier Seubert, OFM and Oleg Bychkov, PHD
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Release Date: March 2013

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A pioneering study of the art of the Franciscan order that shows how
Franciscan theological, liturgical, pastoral and missionary strategies were
formulated and implemented visually, not by words but by images, by using
contextualization and introducing gender and culture specific visual
traits. The essays in this volume probe the art and visual culture of the
early Franciscan movement to reveal insights and nuances of the life and
power of this revolutionary phase of theCatholic religion. The essays by
the scholars in this book explore the historical, social, theological and
philosophical persprectives of Franciscan art.

EAN 978-1-57659-340-0
240 Pages
100 + illustrations
Hard Cover

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Ethical Theory of John Duns Scotus, The (Available September 2012)

by Thomas Shannon
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Is the thought of John Duns Scotus relevant to 21st century men and women? Dr. Thomas A. Shannon provides a new introduction to his classic work and explores the areas of congruence and insight between several contemporary issues and the work of this 13th century Franciscan.

To some, the examination of the ethical theory of John Duns Scotus may seem an arcane perhaps even foolhardy exercise. Scotus lived over 700 years ago; his thought is difficult to grasp; many themes in his analysis of issues seem to be or actually are convoluted. Additionally, many have not heard of Scotus or, if they have, it is primarily as the one who opposed Aquinas and came off second best. Even his beatification in 1993 was not widely noted outside of the Franciscan community.

ISBN 1-57659-341-X
EAN 978-1-57659-341-7
175 pages
September 2012


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Franciscans and their Finances: Economics in a Disenchanted World

by David B. Couturier, OFM Cap.
ISBN 978-1-57659-388-2

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Borne of a charge from three African friars that the Franciscan Order was “not listening to the cries of the poor in Africa,” Franciscans and their Finances confronts structures of inequality in religious communities and in society. It proposes a paradigmatic shift in the way women and men view modern economic principles. Couturier’s text discusses how Franciscans have thought — and are thinking — about their finances in a world fascinated, fixated, and, in many cases, frustrated by modern economic structures. The essays in Franciscans and their Finances delve into topics ranging from an increasingly consumerist culture’s affects on young people’s spiritual identity, to a Franciscan response to the Great Recession, to an examination of how financial scandals develop within nonprofit and profit communities. Taken together, these articles and the others contained in the pages of Couturier’s book coalesce into a singular look at the ways Franciscans are developing a more relational economy oriented toward increased security, peace, and common good.

Fr. David B. Couturier, O.F.M., Cap., is dean of the School of Franciscan Studies at St. Bonaventure University in Olean, New York. He teaches at the Pontifical Antonianum University in Rome and is the Dean R. Hoge Professor of Pastoral Planning and Church Management at the Graduate Theological Foundation in Mishawaka, Indiana.

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Her Bright Merits: Essays Honoring Ingrid J. Peterson, OSF

Edited by Mary Meany, PhD, and Felicity Dorsett, OSF
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This book is a tribute to Ingrid J. Peterson, OSF, for her academic and scholarly contributions to the study of Clare of Assisi and the women of the Franciscan movement. Divided into four sections, each looks at a particular emphasis of Ingrid's study and scholarship.

The first section introduces us to Ingrid and contains the medal citation from the Franciscan Institute along with contributions from Ramona Miller and Margaret Carney.

The second section takes us into the heart of the Franciscan women with essays by Felicity Dorsett, Jean-Francois Godet-Calogeras, Beth Lynn, and Pacelli Millane.

The third section begins with three essays on Angela of Foligno from Diane Tomkinson, Joy Schroeder and Darleen Pryds. Essays from Alison More, Margaret Klotz, Paul Lachance, and Regis Armstrong on topics ranging from Margaret of Cortona to James of Milan to medieval spirituality complete section three.

The last section is Ingrid's summation of what she leaves for us to do.

ISBN 1-57659-312-6
EAN 978-1-57659-312-7
288 Pages

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Knowledge for Love: Franciscan Science as the Pursuit of Wisdom

By Keith Douglass Warner, OFM
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Release Date: August 2012
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This essay extends the retrieval of the Franciscan intellectual tradition
into the sciences by presenting the vocation and work of three Franciscan
scientists. Friar Bartholomew the Englishman taught his fellow Franciscans
with the best available scientific knowledge to prepare them for preaching
in foreign lands. Friar Roger Bacon conducted research into the natural
world to advance scientific knowledge in service of the Church. Friar
Bernardino de Sahagún investigated the life, worldview and culture of the
Aztec peoples in New Spain (now Mexico) to interpret these for his fellow
Franciscans. In the Franciscan tradition, learning about nature helps one
grow in wisdom, and thus Franciscan science is knowledge for love. This
essay argues that the retrieval of our Franciscan intellectual tradition could
and should include the sciences.
This is the eighth in a series intended to encompass topics which will
connect the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition with today’s language of our
Christian Catholic Franciscan way of Gospel Life. Previous volumes have presented an overview of the tradition,discussed dimensions of creation and Christian anthropology in Franciscan theology, and illustrated them through an iconographic tradition found in the Gospel of John.

ISBN 1-57659-361-4
EAN 978-1-57659-361-5
86 Pages

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Life and Miracles of Saint Margaret of Cortona, The

translated by Thomas Renna, Phd and Shannon Larson
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Saint Margaret of Cortona is the light of the Third Order of Francis. Such is
the theme of the most extensive biography of any Franciscan Tertiary in the
Middle Ages. Margaret’s extraordinary career brings the historian closer to
the early development of the Franciscans and the Order of Penance; it tells
us much about how women saints were described, and about how civic
cults of saints emerged. Another window, although a smaller one, opens
to the tensions between the Franciscan Community and the Spiritual
Franciscans before the split prior to Pope John XXII. Indeed it could be
said that we know more about Margaret of Cortona than about any woman
of thirteenth-century Italy, with the exception of Clare of Assisi and Clare
of Montefalco.

This edition is translated from the critical Latin edition by Fortunato
Iozzelli, O.F.M. The Life and Miracles of Saint Margaret of Cortona by Fra
Giunta Bevegnati. The original translation by Thomas Renna has been
edited by Shannon Larson.

"The poignant life of Margaret of Cortona offers a profound avenue to explore the rich complexity of Franciscan spirituality with special focus on the Lay Franciscan experience and with insights into the Franciscan tradition as a whole. This accessible translation of the vita of Margaret of Cortona will be beneficial to both students and scholars interested in the Franciscan tradition, and to people with a devotional attraction to Franciscan spirituality. This volume will be indispensable reading in Franciscan studies for decades."
-- Darleen Pryds, Associate Professor of History and Spirituality, Franciscan School of Theology, Graduate Theological Union

"Thomas Renna s English translation of Fra Giunta Bevegnati s 1308 Life of Saint Margaret of Cortona (1247-1293) is a treasure trove of early Franciscan history primarily drawing from her canonization proceedings, the penitential movement, popular legend, and the cult of women's saints. It is based on Fra Fortunato Iozzelli's 1997 critical Latin edition. Renna's translation preserves the colloquial flavor and emotional force of Margaret s dialogues as well as their historical accuracy. Renna is careful to point out that numerous mythical elements about Margaret s penitential practices eventually became integrated into her Legenda. Between 1272-1289 Margaret turned to the Friars Minor, including her biographer, Fra Guinta, for spiritual advice. Known for her severe penances, she became Cortona's most public citizen. She died in 1293 in the commune of Cortona which built a church for her remains that became a popular pilgrimage site. A rich oral tradition continued to surround Margaret until her canonization in 1728. Fra Giunta's life of Margaret is peppered with vignettes relevant to the development of the Third Order of Saint Francis."
-- Ingrid J. Peterson, O.S.F., Rochester, MN

EAN 978-1-57659-301-1
400 Pages
Available in Hard Cover or Paperback

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Peter of John Olivi's Commentary on Luke's Gospel

by Robert J. Karris, OFM

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Olivi’s commentaries stem mainly from his teaching of Franciscan students in their study houses (studia). Unfortunately only his Commentary on Mark’s Gospel has appeared in English translation. Peter of John Olivi’s Commentary on Luke is largely focused on its literal sense although his insights are often non-traditional and penetrating. Through this small book, he is presented as a Franciscan biblical interpreter not only to the Franciscan Family, but also to the world at large

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