Moral Action in a Complex World: Franciscan Perspectives

Moral Action in a Complex World: Franciscan Perspectives

by Brain V. Johnstone, Thomas A. Shannon, Kathryn Getek, Thomas A. Narin, Mary Beth Ingham OSF, Daria Mitchell OSF
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Francis of Assisi, frequently referred to as a vernacular theologian, was at the center of that perfect storm known as the Franciscan Movement. While the Order's roots are unmistakably lay, it quickly became established as a clerical organ of the thirteenth century Roman Catholic Church. As such, it was often at the forefront of theological and philosophical debate affecting every aspect of the faith life that time. Leaders from within the Order rose up to guide the development of those discussions and to safeguard the orthodoxy of the faithful. Names like Anthony of Padua, Alexander of Hales, Bonaventure of Bagnoregio, John Duns Scotus, Peter John Olivi and William of Ockham - to mention just a few- still entice us into that world of subtlety and complexity which was Medieval Scholasticism.

Scholars, both within the Family and without, search the teachings and writings of these medieval giants for insights that can be applied to contemporary challenges of moral decision-making and the relevance of these thirteenth and fourteenth century Franciscans to today's world and today's Church.

ISBN 1-57659-154-9
EAN 978-1-57659-154-3
150 pages

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