Franciscan Evangelization: Striving to Preach the Gospel

Franciscan Evangelization: Striving to Preach the Gospel

by Vincent Cushing, Dominic Monti O.F.M  and C. Colt Anderson
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The scholarly authors of the essays in this volume probe important facets of preaching and its history in the Franciscan tradition, as well as its import for the larger Church. Insightful and critical, they trace pathways into the future. From their historical perspective, we appreciate, perhaps for the first time, what a creative impulse to preaching Franciscan men and women brought to the service of the Gospel. We see how ordinary Christian people experienced the impulse to unfold the work of God in Christian life. We see, too, the intrinsic ambivalence of the Franciscan tradition in working out its relationship to the role of clerical preaching tin the hierarchical Church. We are invited to enjoy the feast prepared by scholarship and creative, critical thought.

ISBN 1-57659-148-4
EAN 978-1-57659-148-2
124 pages

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