Franciscan Connections - The Cord

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Franciscan Connections - The Cord: A Spiritual Review (Quarterly Journal)

Franciscan Connections, a quarterly review which deals with topics having to do with the Franciscan spiritual tradition, celebrates sixty-five years.
Franciscan Connectionsis a spiritual review that connects, communicates, and conveys the best of Franciscan learning in the twenty-first century. Our regular content consists of Franciscan Impact in Healthcare, Art, Business, Science, Literature and Education. We want to connect men and women to the positive, progressive and prophetic Franciscan tradition.

Franciscan Connections is always looking for original nonfiction pieces, short fiction, photography, artwork, scholarly articles, and book reviews. Our journal seeks to enlarge the understanding of and appreciation for the Franciscan vision and spirituality. In general, familiarity with what we have published in the past is the best guide to our needs. However, inquiries regarding issue-specific themes are welcome.
Subscription period: January-December of the current year. Subscriptions entered late in the year are applied to the following year. Back issues for the current year are provided for subscriptions entered early in the subscription period.

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Franciscan Connections Bundle

Bundle Franciscan Connections with Build With Living Stones and Franciscan Boards and Franciscan Mission Today!
Single copies of Franciscan Connections
$8 per copy
Bundle Franciscan Connections w/ copies of
Build with Living Stones
$23 per set
Bundle Franciscan Connections with Build with Living Stones and
a PowerPoint Presentation on “Franciscan Boards and Franciscan
Mission Today” By David B. Couturier, OFM Cap.
$72.95 per set

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Train Your Franciscan Team with Franciscan Connections
USE Franciscan Connections for Mission-Based Training
For Boards, Trustees, Faculty, Councils, Staffs in Franciscan Institutions

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Franciscan Studies

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Franciscan Studies is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal published by the Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure University. It deals with Franciscan matters: history, philosophy, theology, and art. Its 2011issue (Volume 69) is now available. It contains contributions of international scholars on a variety of topics: Jordan of Saxon, the Secular Mendicant controversy in Paris in the 13th century, Bonaventure, Roger Bacon, Jon Duns Scotus, Walter Burley, Marcus of Orvieto, John of Capistano, and Johann Meder.

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Vita Evangelica: Essays In Honor of Margaret Carney, OSF

Franciscan Studies – Volume 64, 2006

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In this special edition of Franciscan Studies, Sr. Margaret Carney,
OSF is honored by a series of articles on her 65th birthday.

ISBN 1-57659-316-9
EAN 978-1-57659-316-5

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