Her Bright Merits: Essays Honoring Ingrid J. Peterson, OSF

Her Bright Merits: Essays Honoring Ingrid J. Peterson, OSF

Edited by Mary Meany, PhD, and Felicity Dorsett, OSF
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This book is a tribute to Ingrid J. Peterson, OSF, for her academic and scholarly contributions to the study of Clare of Assisi and the women of the Franciscan movement. Divided into four sections, each looks at a particular emphasis of Ingrid's study and scholarship.

The first section introduces us to Ingrid and contains the medal citation from the Franciscan Institute along with contributions from Ramona Miller and Margaret Carney.

The second section takes us into the heart of the Franciscan women with essays by Felicity Dorsett, Jean-Francois Godet-Calogeras, Beth Lynn, and Pacelli Millane.

The third section begins with three essays on Angela of Foligno from Diane Tomkinson, Joy Schroeder and Darleen Pryds. Essays from Alison More, Margaret Klotz, Paul Lachance, and Regis Armstrong on topics ranging from Margaret of Cortona to James of Milan to medieval spirituality complete section three.

The last section is Ingrid's summation of what she leaves for us to do.

ISBN 1-57659-312-6
EAN 978-1-57659-312-7
288 Pages

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