De Puritate Artis Logicae Tractatus Longior

De Puritate Artis Logicae Tractatus Longior

by Walter Burleigh, edited by Phiotheus Boehner

This edition of a masterpiece of genuine scholastic Logic was published in 1955. It contains the critical editions of two 13th century manuscripts written by the Englishman Magister Walter Burleigh containing his systemic work on Logic. Burleigh was a Friar Minor and medieval philosopher, b. in 1275 and d. in 1337. He was preceptor to Edward, Prince of Wales, who afterward ascended the throne as Edward III in 1327. At Oxford he was the school-fellow of William of Occam, both being disciples of Duns Scotus. He taught at Paris for some time and was known as the Plain and Perspicuous Doctor (Doctor planus et perspicuus). Burleigh figured prominently in the dispute concerning the nature of universals.

ISBN 1-57659-057-7
EAN 978-1-57659-057-7
264 pages


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