Ethical Theory of John Duns Scotus, The (Available September 2012)

Ethical Theory of John Duns Scotus, The (Available September 2012)

by Thomas Shannon
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Is the thought of John Duns Scotus relevant to 21st century men and women? Dr. Thomas A. Shannon provides a new introduction to his classic work and explores the areas of congruence and insight between several contemporary issues and the work of this 13th century Franciscan.

To some, the examination of the ethical theory of John Duns Scotus may seem an arcane perhaps even foolhardy exercise. Scotus lived over 700 years ago; his thought is difficult to grasp; many themes in his analysis of issues seem to be or actually are convoluted. Additionally, many have not heard of Scotus or, if they have, it is primarily as the one who opposed Aquinas and came off second best. Even his beatification in 1993 was not widely noted outside of the Franciscan community.

ISBN 1-57659-341-X
EAN 978-1-57659-341-7
175 pages
September 2012


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