Classics from the Franciscan Institute

Classics from the Franciscan Institute

A Poor Man's Legacy: An Anthology of Franciscan Poverty

edited by Cyprian Lynch

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Although this anthology of Franciscan poverty contains 187 selections grouped under 149 entries, it is no more than a modest sample of extant writings on the subject. Yet, because it includes examples of a wide variety of literary forms, authored by members of all branches of the Franciscan family representing ten language groups and all eight centuries of Franciscan history, it clearly demonstrates the continuity of the Franciscan tradition of poverty.

ISBN 1-57659-069-0
EAN 978-1-57659-069-0
760 pages


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Collected Articles on Ockham

edited by Philotheus Boehner, OFM, and Eligius M. Buytaert, OFM

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In preparation for the projected critical edition of Ockham’s Opera Philosophica et Theologica, Philotheus Boehner, OFM, described the extant manuscripts and discussed the authenticity and date of composition of Ockham’s writings. He also studied and illustrated Ockham’s teaching on logic, metaphysics, and political theories. Eligius Buytaert, OFM, Boehner’s successor and disciple collected, regrouped, and indexed 24 articles in this volume, which is an indispensable introduction to the study of William of Ockham.

ISBN 1-57659-101-8
EAN 978-1-57659-101-7
482 pages


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Francis, The Incomparable Saint

by Joseph Lortz

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Originally published in German, this study was immediately recognized as a major contribution to the world’s understanding of Francis. This translation explains the Spirit of St. Francis to the English-speaking world.

ISBN 1-57659-067-4
EAN 978-1-57659-067-6
128 pages


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I Know Christ

translated by Paul J. Oligny, OFM

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Translation of Saint Francois d’Assise, sa peronnalite, sa spiritualite, by Gratien Badin, O.F.M., Cap. The title of the English translation of this book is taken from one of the sayings of Saint Francis of Assisi: I know Christ, poor and crucified.

ISBN 1-57659-094-1
EAN 978-1-57659-094-2
80 pages


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Identity and Distinction in Petrus Thomae

by Geoffrey G. Bridges, OFM

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Petrus Thomae taught and wrote in the first half of the fourteenth century. He belonged to the first group of Formalists, as the proponents of the formal distinction immediately after Scotus were called. Apparently, he was an outstanding light, even though at present he is so little known. The study in this book is presented in three major parts. Part I investigates Peter's teaching on the nature and kinds of identity. Part II takes up the nature and kinds of distinction. Part III concludes with a study of the distinction of the categories. Because the Spanish Franciscan Friar Petrus Thomae (died about 1350) was an immediate disciple of John Duns Scotus, it is natural that his doctrine reflects the teaching of the master and contributes to its better understanding. The important place which the formal distinction occupies in the system of Scotus is well known. Petrus Thomae composed an extensive work entitled De Formalitatibus, in which he explains and defends this much-criticized Scotistic position.

ISBN 1-57659-102-6
EAN 978-1-57659-102-4
186 pages

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Saint Francis of Assisi

By John R. H. Moorman

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Anglican Bishop and renowned medievalist John Moorman writes in his preface to this terrific, short biography of Francis of Assisi that Francis has something to say to people of all kinds. He was a mystic with a special interest in, and understanding of, nature. He was a poet, the first to write in verse in any modern language. He was a man of great courage, risking his life in carrying out his ideals, He inspired large numbers of men to give away all that they possessed and live as vagabonds, begging their bread from door to door, All these things were important, and all combine to make him a very remarkable man. But perhaps the thing about him which appeals to us most today is the challenge which he threw down to the standards and values of the ordinary, secular life of man.

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Studies Honoring Ignatius Brady, Friar Minor

edited by Romano Stephen Almagno and Conrad L. Harkins

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This collection of more than 20 essays that are considered to be the nearest the heart, thought, and science of Ignatius Charles Brady and are presented in honor of this 20th century giant of Medieval scholarship.

ISBN 1-57659-029-1
EAN 978-1-57659-029-4
496 pages
Hard Cover


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That Others May Know and Love: Essays in Honor of Zachary Hayes, OFM - Franciscan, Educator, Scholar

edited by Michael Cusato, OFM

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This collection of essays was prepared to honor Zachary Hayes on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday. Its publication also marked the completion of thirty years of service by him at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Essays were contributed by J. A. Wayne Hellmann, Jacques-Guy Bougerol, Dominic Monti, Walter Principe, Thomas F. O'Meara, Bernard McGinn, Girard J. Etzkorn, Ingrid Peterson, David Tracy, Ewert Cousins, E. Randolph Daniel, David Burr, Allan B. Wolter and Michael Cusato.

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