Super Primim Et Secundum Sententiarum

Super Primim Et Secundum Sententiarum

by Gregorii Ariminensis O.E.S.A.

Gregory of Rimini (d. 1358), General of the Hermits to St. Augustine, was one of the Fourteenth Century thinkers who were influenced by both the writings of St. Augustine and by Ockhamism. It is not always easy to judge which influence was the stronger in reference to any particular theological or philosophical point. This facsimile of the orignal text will enable more scholars to clarify this issue and to study other significant ideas of a great representative of Late Scholasticism. Copies sold as is with imperfections in printers' cut of pages.

ISBN 1-57659-125-5
EAN 978-1-57659-125-3


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