Francis of Assisi and the Early Franciscan Movement

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Francis of Assisi: Heritage and Heirs Eight Centuries Later

by Thaddée Matura, O.F.M. Translated by Paul Lachance, O.F.M.

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In this thought-provoking book Thaddée Matura offers a new way of looking at how the Franciscan tradition was adapted and contemporized during the centuries. In a clear and accessible style he shows how the Franciscan Family has gotten to the stage it now enjoys and shows how liberating history can be and is. In 2004 Franciscan Institute Publications reprinted Matura’s Francis of Assisi: The Message in His Writings.

ISBN#: 978-1-57659-214-4

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Franciscans and their Finances: Economics in a Disenchanted World

by Fr. David Couturier, OFM Cap.

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A book about Franciscans and their economics and the way that Franciscans are developing a more relational economy as they serve the poor and vulnerable around the world.

Francis fraternal economy is not primarily about dollars and cents, market shares or stock derivatives. It is about the destiny of men and women in the real world and how they come about a new security and peace in God. By the time his captivity as a prisoner of war had come to an end, Francis had given up on the violence and greed that fed the frenzy of Assisi. He found his peace in mercy in the mercy that God had for him and in the mercy that he could show to those who were poor and suffering. Francis gave away everything he had and felt the first taste of freedom in his whole life. He had given up the need to climb and be right. He had let go of the desire to imitate majesty and control the world. He would never again have to go to war, because there was nothing that anyone else had that he wanted. There was nothing he had that he would not forfeit. He had Christ and Christ had him and that was enough for Francis to feel the peace that passes all understanding.

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The Admonitions of St. Francis: Sources and Meanings

By Robert J. Karris, OFM

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This text offers a fresh translation of each admonition, parallel texts previously noted by other scholars or newly uncovered by Karris, as well as comments on each admonition verse by verse. The reader is led into Francis’s “theological workshop” where it becomes clear how Francis imprinted his own logo on the spiritual traditions he inherited.

ISBN#: 978-1-57659-166-6

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The Daily Labor of the Early Franciscans

By David Flood, OFM

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In his early studies Flood focused on the history of the brotherhood with special emphasis on the development of the Early Rule. Eventually, the social structures of early Franciscan life led to the economics of the early Franciscan movement and the importance of work in the life of Francis and his companions. Told from the vantage point of a historian, Flood leads the reader through his analysis of the early movement.

ISBN: 978-1-57659-156-7

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The Misadventure of Francis of Assisi

By Jacques Dalarun

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An English translation of La malaventura di Francesco d’Assisi: per un uso storico delle leggende francescane

This first of three volumes by Professor Dalarun, each originally published in either Italian or French, represents a highly important and unique contribution to a series of viatal questions concerning the Franciscan movement in the Middle Ages. This publication will certainly generate lively discussion and a deeper understanding of the Franciscan phenomenon. In a tone that is profoundly personal and to the point, Dalarun offers to serve as a methodological guide in the renewed interest in the famous “Franciscan Question”: how best to read, interpret and relate the early biographies to the historical Francis.

ISBN#: 978-1-57659-181-9

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