Franciscan Studies and Faith Formation

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Franciscan Studies and Faith Formation

Studies in Early Franciscan Sources, Three Volume Set

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Three Volume SET

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Studies in Early Franciscan Sources
These three books contain valuable insight into the Early Documents of Francis and Clare. The authors, scholars interested in and committed to the Franciscan tradition, have brought contemporary research together, applied it to each of the specific texts and offered their own perspectives.

First, the essays define the status questionis by informing the reader about the state of current research on each of the texts considered.

Second, the essays are intended to introduce the reader to these texts within the dimensions of their multi-layered contextual-historical framework. The hope of those involved in producing these studies is to help others learn how to read, interpret and apply these newly translated texts to enrich the historical understanding, theological vision and practical living out of the Gospel message.

The Writings of Francis of Assisi: Letters and Prayers
Letters and Prayers features the scholarly work of Luigi Pellegrini, Jean- François Godet-Calogeras, Michael W. Blastic, Michael F. Cusato, Jay M. Hammond PhD, and Laurent Gallant.
2011: 336 p. Pb 978-1-57659-230-4 $29.95

The Writings of Francis of Assisi: Rules, Testament and Admonitions
Rules, Testament and Admonitions contains essays by William J. Short, Michael W. Blastic, Jay M. Hammond, PhD and JA Wayne Hellmann.
2011: 336 p. Pb 978-1-57659-232-8 $29.95

The Writings of Clare of Assisi: Letters, Form of Life, Testament and Blessing
The Writings of Clare of Assisi presents the latest scholarship by Ingrid Peterson, Lezlie Knox, Michael W.
Blastic and Jean-François Godet-Calogeras.
2011: 144 p. Pb 978-1-57659-233-5 $19.95


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30 Days with Bonaventure’s Commentary on the Gospel of Luke

Edited by Robert J. Karris
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Release Date: August 2012
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Bonaventure has many insights to share not only with members of the Franciscan Family, but also with the church at large. From his work on translating and annotating St. Bonaventure’s three-volume Commentary on Luke’s Gospel, noted Scripture scholar Robert Karris has developed this book of reflections for thirty days. Playfully referring to them as “BonaLuke bites,” Karris gives preferential treatment to those passages used in the Sunday lectionary
during Cycle C.

A user-friendly format begins with the passages from Luke’s Gospel followed
by Bonaventure’s commentary on one or two verses under consideration.
Karris’s reflection follows that of Bonaventure and concludes with a prayer.
Some readers may reverse the process as they are meant as springboards for
the readers’ own reflections and prayer.

Today Lukan scholars acknowledge many “Franciscan” themes in Luke’s Gospel. Members of the Franciscan Family will enjoy reacquainting themselves with the charism through the lens of Luke’s Gospel. Perhaps preachers will find that old interpretations are new again and can sparkle because Bonaventure has singled out the very best from tradition to challenge our normal way of interpreting passages familiar through years of liturgical use.

"All those who pray with scripture or who offer Sunday homilies on the readings from Luke's gospel will welcome the latest offering from Robert Karris, OFM. The fruit of many scholarly years with this gospel and Bonaventure's commentary on it, his book ties together "the best of both worlds." The structure of the offerings should prove insightful for those engaged in lectio divina, especially Franciscans, as they attempt to hear the gospel's message for their own lives. I look forward to chewing on BonaLuke Bites."

- Marion C. Moeser, OSF, Associate Professor, Christ the King Seminary

"Fr. Robert Karris offers the reader a triple treat in his Thirty Days with St. Bonaventure’s Commentary on Luke. First, we get his wonderful translation of Bonaventure’s commentary in which Bonaventure’s inspired interpretations are presented with deft skill and amazingly contemporary insights. Second, he offers his own penetrating perspective on both Bonaventure and Luke. And third, he leads the reader from reflection to prayer at the conclusion of each passage.

I have long been a fan of Fr. Karris’s Lukan studies because he is able to make Luke come powerfully alive, not only in my mind but in my heart also. But this book not only enlivens the gospel of Luke, it offers Bonaventure as the guide to new Lukan insights. If anyone needs their interest in the gospel of Luke refreshed or their views of a great medieval mind shaken clean of dust, this book will do it … and in surprising and deeply fulfilling ways."

- Fr. William L. Burton, O.F.M., S.S.L., S.T.D., Assistant Professor, St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary

"In this delightful book, Karris skillfully selects bite-sized bits of his massive work on St. Bonaventure s Commentary on St. Luke, then, with his own reflections, situates the morsels within the larger meal of the Gospel and the work of the Seraphic Doctor. The concluding prayer serves as dessert, leaving the reader both satisfied and wanting more. Not only Franciscans will find rich fare within."

- Barbara E. Reid, O.P., Catholic Theological Union, Chicago

ISBN 1-57659-354-1
EAN 978-1-57659-345-5
100 Pages

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Anthony of Padua, Sermones for the Easter Cycle

edited by George Marcil, OFM

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English translation of Anthony’s Easter sermons, this book offers a factual biography of Anthony and valuable information on the nature of preaching in the thirteenth century.

ISBN 1-57659-041-0
EAN 978-1-57659-041-6
230 pages

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Build with Living Stones

based upon the Comprehensive Course on the Franciscan Missionary Charism

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Based upon the internationally-recognized Comprehensive Course on the Franciscan Missionary Charism, the resource offers guidance for Franciscan reflection around the themes of life and work. Divided into 14 units, this program offers insight into contemporary issues such as the economy, the environment, peace-making, and what it means to live well in a pluralistic world. Using an adult-education model, each unit offers readings and suggested reflections usable in either group or individual settings or for college/university curricula, parish education, retreats or days of recollection, and/or orientation to Franciscan life and work.

ISBN 1-57659-134-4
EAN 978-1-57659-134-5



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Clare and Francis: O Let the Faithful People Sing

by Robert Hutmacher, OFM
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A collection of early Franciscan melodies, chants, and music which has been translation and revised for use in contemporary settings.

ISBN 1-57659-071-2
EAN 978-1-57659-071-3
112 pages

$9.95 includes two cassettes of recorded music

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Dating God: Live and Love in the Way of St. Francis

by Daniel P. Horan, OFM

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It may seem shocking to compare our relationship with God with the notion of "dating." But this book does. With fresh insight and a deep personal spirituality, Horan points out that the desire, uncertainty, and love we experience in relationship with God resembles our earthly relationships: We set aside time for the people who are most important to us. Horan reminds us that St. Francis of Assisi understood and even described his relationship with God in a similar way. Drawing from the Franciscan tradition, Dating God encourages us to see St. Francis's spirituality, challenging us to reexamine our own spirituality, prayer, and relationships, and inviting us into a more intimate relationship with our Creator.

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Eloquence of Sanctity: Rhetoric in Thomas of Celano's 'Vita Prima Sancti Francisci', The

by John P. Bequette
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The Eloquence of Sanctity examines the interrelation between hagiography and rhetoric in one of the most important medieval saints: Thomas of Celano’s Vita Prima Sancti Francisci (The Life of St. Francis). The author contends that Thomas uses figures drawn from the Roman rhetorical tradition to construct his image of Saint Francis and to persuade his audience to seek Francis’s intercession and emulate his life. This book attempts to demonstrate the inherently rhetorical nature of hagiography as well as the ambiguities and limits of language when it attempts to comprehend the sacred.

2003: 207 p.
Pb 978-0-8199-1006-6


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Francis, The Incomparable Saint

by Joseph Lortz

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Originally published in German, this study was immediately recognized as a major contribution to the world’s understanding of Francis. This translation explains the Spirit of St. Francis to the English-speaking world.

ISBN 1-57659-067-4
EAN 978-1-57659-067-6
128 pages


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Francis: The Journey and the Dream

by Murray Bodo, OFM
forward by John Michael Talbot
40th Anniversary Edition

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"Francis: The Journey and the Dream depicted a Francis who 'sang' to me. I felt that I had found a teacher to lead me home. I had no idea where this was going to lead, but I was ready to follow."—John Michael Talbot

One of the most influential saints' books, with over 200,000 copies sold, Francis: The Journey and the Dream continues to inspire people of all ages with its lyrical prose and depth of love for the Poor Man of Assisi. This beautiful anniversary edition includes Fr. Bodo's story of writing the book and its worldwide influence, a reader's guide for book clubs and discussion groups, and a list of Fr. Bodo's favorite Franciscan resources, culled over three decades of research on Francis and his followers.

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Franciscan Christology

edited by Damian McElrath

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This anthology brings together a number of Christological selections, from notable Franciscan writers ranging from St. Francis to St. Bernardine of Siena. It shows the variety in Franciscan Christology as it investigates speculative theology, historical perspective, spirituality and pastoral concerns.

ISBN 1-57659-040-2
EAN 978-1-57659-040-9
240 pages



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