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Bonaventure’s Commentary on the Sentences: Philosophy of God

Works of St. Bonaventure Series, Volume XVI

by RE Houser and Timothy B. Noone

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Without exception, every word of philosophy Bonaventure ever wrote is contained in works explicitly religious - in sermons, works of spiritual direction, and theology. For this reason, we begin by looking at Bonaventure s conception of theology and the place of philosophical reasoning within it. In his attempt to present a theology that is a science which leads us to wisdom, Bonaventure uses language that might at first glance seem to be merely metaphorical. However, Bonaventure s care in using precise and philosophical language to understand God is a tribute to the optimism the greatest Masters of Theology at mid-thirteenth century Paris had in the rational possibilities of the human mind.
This volume has not been designed to cover all the profound points Br. Bonaventure made in treating God philosophically in his Commentary. Instead, it highlights a few critical issues, giving the reader a preliminary view of the whole, before plunging into the vast and refreshing pool that is Bonaventure s philosophy of God.

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Bonaventure: Mystic of God’s Word

Edited by Timothy J. Johnson

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A collection and translation of selected spiritual texts of Bonaventure, this book is a great introductory tool for understanding the essence of Bonaventure's theology, rooted as it is in the mystery of the Word of God.

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Works of St. Bonaventure Volume XV: Defense of the Mendicants

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Translated by Jose de Vink and Robert J. Karris, OFM (2010)

In twelve chapters St. Bonaventure defends the Franciscan way of life against the attacks of Parisian Master, Gerard of Abbeville. Bonaventure clarifies the meaning of evangelical perfection, gospel povert, and the imitation of Christ. He distinguishes different kinds of perfection and clearly indicates how the Old Testament relates to the dispensation of grace in the New Testament and how it is to be interpreted. This volume is a companion to Bonaventure’s Disputed Questions on Evangelical Perfection (Works of St. Bonaventure XIII).

ISBN: 978-1-57659-159-8

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