The Cord (Quarterly Journal)

The Cord, a quarterly review which deals with topics having to do with the Franciscan spiritual tradition, celebrates sixty-two years of continuous publication in 2012. It offers articles of historical interest, as well as articles dealing with contemporary applications. Its primary purpose is to promote a deeper knowledge and more ardent love of the Franciscan way of life. It solicits articles which help readers appreciate better the Franciscan charism, its relevance in the contemporary Church, as well as some of the ways Franciscans are making a difference in today’s world. It restricts its material to Franciscan spirituality and to such matters as are of particular concern and interest to the English-speaking Franciscan family throughout the world.
The Cord periodically reviews books of interest to Franciscans. It also provides a feature called “On the Franciscan Circuit” to share information about Franciscan programs taking place throughout the country and English-speaking world. It publishes short poems and art work that deal with Franciscan themes.
Subscription period: January-December of the current year. Subscriptions entered late in the year are applied to the following year. Back issues for the current year are provided for subscriptions entered early in the subscription period.
Price:    Domestic $30.00 (US) includes postage.
International:  $40.00 (USD) includes postage.

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Franciscan Studies (Annual Journal)

Franciscan Studies is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal published by the Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure University.  It deals with Franciscan matters: history, philosophy, theology, and art.  Its 2011 issue (Volume 69) is now available. It contains contributions of international scholars on a variety of topics.  Contributors include Rega Wood, William Courtenay, Bert Roest, David Flood, Catherine M. Mooney, Mark Weaver, Matthew Etchemendy, Fabio Troncarelli, Antonio Montefusco, Melanie Brunner, Ian Christopher Levy, Jan Kuys, Pietro Delcorno, Benjamin Hazard, Stanislav Juznic and Richard A. Leson.
The 2012 issue (Volume 70) will be available in December of 2012.  Contributors will include Hal Friday, Paul Rorem, Dominic Whitehouse, Holly J. Grieco, Dominique Poirel, Boyd Taylor Coolman, Dale M. Coulter, David Burr, Isabelle Heullant-Donat and Bert Roest.
Price:  Domestic $60.00
International $70.00

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Vita Evangelica:  Essays In Honor of Margaret Carney, OSF

Franciscan Studies – Volume 64, 2006

In this special edition of Franciscan Studies, Sr. Margaret Carney, OSF is honored by a series of articles on her 65th birthday



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Greyfriars Review is a journal that extends to the English-speaking world a valuable resource for  contemporary Franciscan theology, spirituality, and history through the translation and publication of articles that are either not readily accessible or not available to many in the English-speaking world.

Greyfriars Review takes its name from the first Franciscan convent founded in the English-speaking world.  The followers of St. Francis first came to Oxford, England, in 1224, less than forty years after its recognition as a university.
Cost: $42.00 USA per year.  Subscription includes 3 issues per year and a supplement.  Airmail delivery is not available.  Subscriptions begin with the first issue of each year.  Back issues are provided.  Current volume is 19 (2005).   Supplement available. Issue 1, 2, and 3 in process.
Back issue availability: Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are out of print.  Also unavailable are the following: Volume 6:Supplement and Volume 9:Supplement.  Individual back issues are available at a cost of $15 per issue plus postage.  Volumes 1, 2, and 3 along with out of print individual issues have been scanned and are available for purchase on CD.

Cithara is a peer-reviewed journal published in May and November by St. Bonaventure University and distributed in both hardcopy and electronic format (by EBSCO Publishing).  

 Cithara has as its purpose the publication of essays and book reviews relating to the problems of human beings in the light of their heritage and of their future. Although investigations in the field of liberal arts will more frequently furnish materials suitable for publication, the approach to such “essays in the Judaeo-Christian tradition” should be inter-departmental and should state or imply a relationship to that religious and cultural inheritance.
The yearly subscription rate is US $20.00 ($1.00 additional postage for foreign subscribers).
Single issues (including back issues if available), $10.00. Copies of individual articles may also be purchased.
Back issues for most years are currently available
Submissions from potential contributors are received electronically in MS Word format at the e-mail address listed above. The style is that of the MLA Handbook, Fourth Edition. Notes should be formatted separately as endnotes and attached at the end of the file as a separate page. A separate bibliography should be attached as a separate page at the end of the file and bibliographical references should appear in short form only in the text of the essay.
Please direct all inquiries about submissions and other editorial issues to:
The Editor, Cithara
P.O. Box B.C.
St. Bonaventure, New York 14778
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