Franciscans Doing Theology

Below you will find a copy of FRANCISCANS DOING THEOLOGY which was created as a companion piece to our best-selling book by Kenan Osborne, O.F.M., THE HISTORY OF FRANCISCAN THEOLOGY

This book, THE HISTORY OF FRANCISCAN THEOLOGY, traverses the intellectual journeys of Alexander of Hales, Bonaventure, Peter of John Olivi, John Duns Scotus and William of Ockham.  A 1997 gathering of scholars and practitioners to reflect on the immense intellectual heritage of the Franciscan Family which used this book as a basis for those reflections led to the creation of FRANCISCANS DOING THEOLOGY.

The workbook and videos cover major theological questions including St. Francis’s Letter to St. Anthony, Bonaventure’s teaching on creation, Scotus on why God became man, Bonaventure and Olivi on the Franciscan mission and concludes with a discussion on the importance of understanding Franciscan theology to the Franciscan family.




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